Monday 23 March 2015

Assembly Session – 3 - January

Assembly Session – 3 - January
By: Sambhrami Patil, Divya Shekhar 
Time: 08:30am
Date: 09.01.15
Venue: Quadrangle Assembly
 School: BGS National Public School
On 9th of January 2015 we had conducted an assembly session. Students from Class 3-12 had assembled. The session was based on the following:

  • Weekly Report of Trash Pizza Competition                                   The trash pizza activity checks the waste production of each class in school and tries to promote the reduction of waste production week by week. Importance of recycling other waste materials like aluminium foils, paper and plastic.
  • Announcement of Waste Collection Week                                     During waste collection week , the students were to collect various types of wastes from their neighbourhood to promote awareness of recycling among other people and ensure the household waste does not go to waste.
  • Announcement of Scavenger Hunt Week                                       According to this activity students were to present a report on the importance of the waste they collected , how they did it and how it is recycled, class wise along with pictures.                    

Most of the students found Waste Collection Week interesting and promised to recycle other waste materials and keep their classroom neat.


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