Monday 11 May 2015

Exposure Visit

Exposure Visit

BGS NPS students were taken to the TERI - Southern Regional Centre an energy efficient building in Domblur, Bangalore.

TERI stands for “The Energy and Resource Institute”. It is a green building. Their project is based on Usage of Efficient Energy. It was inaugurated on 15th May 2000. It is designed according to the climate of Bangalore and Sun’s angles.
It is also based on three points:

      Green Building: when the nature is not harmed by the building.
      Sustainability: Surviving of green building in all the seasons without harming nature.
      Energy Efficiency: Usage of energy when it is really needed.

The building reduces energy consumption because of the natural resources. They have only 40% energy consumption whereas 60% is natural.
The windows are located in the north as sun travels east to west and spends more time in South because of the angles of Earth and Sun.
The air property is to fill the vacuum. So as there is drainage in the south to avoid the smell they have put some vacuums. The Air Ventilation comes from South.

They segregate waste into dry and wet waste. The lights in the parking area are generated from 5:30 pm.  
They have used fly ash material to resist heat. Poles are connected to the dining room to extract the used air. The building also consists of Roof Garden and down of it they have a Conference Hall with A/C. The Roof Garden will not transmit heat. The furniture’s made inside are made from the waste materials used in the industries. There is library too. The library becomes hot in summer. So, to reduce the hot temperature they have made a small pond in front of the library window. There is a black coloured wall at the south to absorb heat. There is a tank with a capacity of 50000 l of water to store the rainwater. They also have guest rooms.

The incandescent bulbs are powered by the solar panels. 2 kl/vat energy is generated every day. There is a solar geyser too. ​It is used in the guest rooms.

They grow indoor plants. They have glassing at the roof for the plants to get sunlight and also for them to see and work. They open the shades and blinds in the daytime.

The vegetative plants there are local species. The building is surrounded by garden from all the sides. At the south they grow fruits like figs, muskmelons and guava’s etc… They collect dried plants to make manure from it.


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