Friday 1 May 2015

Market Visit - 1 - Tetra Pak Ambassadors Progarmme

Visit to Meenakshi Mall
A survey on waste management was conducted by 3 students of BGS NPS, i.e., Sambhrami Patil, Divya Shekar and Sahanya Hebbar at Meenakshi Mall on 23rd of December 2014. The survey was about waste segregation, i.e., wet waste and dry waste, Tetra Pak and Plastic Recycling.
People were also told about Project SEARCH. 20 people were surveyed. 60% of them told that they knew and segregated waste whereas 40% told that they didn't. They were urged to segregate their waste.
Next they were asked if they knew about Tetra Paks. 80% of them didn't know about Tetra Paks whereas 20% knew about it. They found it amazing that Tetra Paks can actually be recycled. Some told that it was a very good initiative as the recycled books and bags have been given to those children who can’t afford it and told us to continue the same. We also urged them to collect Tetra Paks and dispose it in the bins which would be set up in the malls. Some told that they were already aware about Tetra Paks and sessions were conducted in their apartments too.
Next they were asked if they recycled Plastic also. 90% of them told that they recycled Plastic.
It was successful. We had met the staffs before surveying the customers. The reply was positive. All the staff members told us that they segregated waste and they also knew about Tetra Paks. They told us that sessions were conducted by an organisation about the Tetra Paks and they were told to spread this awareness among all the customers they met. We were glad to know that they already knew about Tetra Paks. They also told us their experience of telling customers about it. They told us that it’s more effective when you students spread this initiative because when we tell them, some might think that to promote any Tetra Pak product we are spreading the awareness so that the customer buys the product. So if you students talk to them it will be like its children’s own initiative and would contribute in Tetra Pak Collection.
We think that all staffs of all work place should be aware of Tetra Pak recycling. This should be our initiative.


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