Monday 23 March 2015

Assembly session - 1

Assembly session - 1

By: Sambhrami Patil
Date: 22.12.14
Venue: Main Building - Playground
 BGS National Public School
An assembly session on 22.12.14 was conducted for students of class VI to XII. In this session Sambhrami gave a report on her experience of visiting the Tetra Pak Plant, Pune after becoming Tetra Pak Ambassador. I covered the following points:   
  • What is Project SEARCH??       
  • The process which are involved in manufacturing Tetra Pak
  • About the upcoming activities like Trash Pizza, Scavenger Hunt, Waste Collection Week
  • The importance of collecting dry recyclables

As the term was almost coming to an end, all the students were urged to collect dry recyclables during their vacation. It was a successful session. On the re-opening day most of the students got different types of waste and dropped it in the bins kept for collecting dry recyclables. It gave us a renewed energy and a new determination to ensure the success of all other future tetra pak related endeavors.                                          


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