Monday 23 March 2015

Mime Show

                                                                                             By: Theater Club students
Time: 8:15 am
Date: 06.12.14
Venue: BGS National Public School

Group Photo

On 6th December 2014, theatre club students presented a Mime Show on “Swaach Bharath” to raise awareness among students about the importance of maintaining cleanliness all through the eco system.

It depicts a man who keeps cleaning his home all the time. But in Public Areas he does not maintain the same. He goes to a burger shop where he eats his burger and then throws the paper on a girl. She says him to pick it up but he doesn't and just moves away. Later when a school girl is waiting for the bus, the man, unaware that she is standing spits on her and moves away. After some time he feels thirsty, so he drinks some water when the bottle becomes empty he throws it out of his car and it falls on someone’s head. Then he returns to his home.

By seeing this attitude of his, the people on whom he had spat, thrown a paper and a bottle decide to teach him a lesson. They go to his home and treat him in the same way how he had treated them.  He learns a lesson and asks them to forgive him. Together they clean up everything and the mime ends.
Through this mime , it can be learnt that along with maintaining your own cleanliness, it is also important to maintain the neatness of the general public.

Students who presented the mime
Ashwin Ujre
Shreyas Raviprasad
Divith N
Kavya B.K


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