Thursday 16 April 2015

E for Energy Efficiency 2013

E for Energy Efficiency

The increase in demand for energy in response to industrialization, urbanization, and societal affluence has led to considerable fossil fuels burning which in turn has an adverse effect on environment. Thus, it is of paramount importance that energy is conserved and efficiently used. It has been estimated that nearly 25000 MW can be saved by implementing end-use energy efficiency and demand side management measures through-out India. It is also important to use energy efficiently and conserve it due to the fact that one unit of energy saved at the consumption level reduces the need for power generation by 3 times.

Students are not only the future citizen of the country but also will be the future decision makers who will also be the brunt bearers of the unplanned consumption of energy resources. However they are the change agent with new ideas and can also play a crucial role in bringing about a positive change in the society in terms of sustainable development.

Sustainable Development is the benchmark of growth of a nation. This can be achieved by amalgamating the ideas of industries like POSOCO and academic institutions like schools.

Thus with ""E", for Energy Efficiency" project, TERI aims to inculcate awareness and a sense of responsibility among the students about the energy efficiency issues.

BGS NPS also took part in this project..   


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