Friday 1 May 2015

Market Visit

Visit to Meenakshi Mall – 5
On 08th of February 2015, 2 students of BGS NPS, i.e., Sambhrami Patil and Divya Shekar of Class IX visited Meenakshi Mall for conducting a session on Project SEARCH. It was held in Hyper City near the cash counter.
The session was based on:
·         What is Project SEARCH?
·         What is TERI
·         What is a Tetra Pak?
·         Waste Collection
·         Main programmes nurtured under Project SEARCH
·         Layers of Tetra Pak
·         Principle of 4Rs
·         Three Pillars of Project SEARCH
·         Objectives of Project SEARCH
·         Tetra Pak Collection Centres that would be set up in the mall
·         As a citizen of the country what is their role in Tetra Pak Collection
After the session, an old lady came and shared her opinion that everyone should follow Principle of 4Rs and gave us many examples in our daily lives. She had a lot of creative ideas to reduce our waste generation.
Then, a small of girl from 6th std came to us and asked us about what we were presenting as she had come in the middle of the session. Then we told her about Tetra Pak Recycling. She said that from now on I will collect Tetra Paks and drop in the bins kept in the mall and she will follow the Principle of 4Rs. She said that it was a good initiative as it helped under-privileged students and would urge her class mates also to follow the same. 
After finishing our session we went around and took feedback from people present at the mall. They were asked how they felt about Tetra Pak Recycling and from then will they follow and contribute in Tetra Pak Collection. The answer was positive. In fact, most of them knew about Tetra Pak Recycling. They said that in their apartments they follow Tetra Pak Recycling but they said that we don’t know if it is sent to proper collection agencies. They also said that they didn’t know it would be converted into books, bags, and benches which are given to many under - privileged students.
Some suggested to have a grand event where neighbourhood people are called and they should be given with a book, bag and other items which has been produced by recycling Tetra Pak. And they should be made aware that the books which were given to them were recycled ones and the main initiative of the programme should be informed. That time, they would be amazed to know about it and will try their best to contribute.
We thank the Hyper City Management members for organising this event. They have also told us that they will be sponsoring us for a grand event in the month of May to present about WASTE Management, Tetra Pak recycling and discuss at large about active citizenship.


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