Wednesday 25 March 2015

Herbal Garden

Developing a Herbal Garden at BGS National Public School

Time: 10:30-12.00

VenueBGS National Public School
Hulimavu, Bangalore-560076
TERI Representatives-
1.  Ms.S.Pavithra Jadav
2. 21 Students and 2 teachers of BGS NPS

In this fast moving, fast changing world there are many transitions taking place. There are many buildings coming up, expansion of cities taking place and the ground being covered by tar all around. The priority towards conservation of the green cover is decreasing rapidly which is the most important factor in keeping the world alive. “TERI” organization keeping these things in mind came up with a very innovative idea of herbal garden having the intention to save the green cover.

BGS NPS participated in this event organized by this non-profit organization in the month of November. The coordinator Ms. Pavithra  from “TERI” visited our school for the same. 21 students of 11th standard participated in this. The event commenced by a short introduction given by the ambassador .She talked about “TERI”, its accomplishments, its different branches in different cities and also about a huge project of tetra pak processing which was conducted in many metropolitan cities. She addressed about the importance of green cover in this fast changing world, the ways of conserving it and the main aim of herbal garden. 50+ saplings, pots were bought. Compost was obtained from the compost pit in our school. The students were instructed about the planting process. At the end of the assignment there were more than 50 saplings planted and neatly arranged. The students put in a good amount of hard work and produced a quality team work.
The students were happy to have contributed to the sustainment of the green cover. They also promised to take care of the garden and water the plants regularly. We appreciate “TERI” organization for their innovative idea and the herbal garden. We will support them in their future projects.

Submitted by Master Nishanth  -class XI BGS NPS


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