Tuesday 24 March 2015

Tetra Pak Collection - January

Tetra Pak Collection - January
By: Tetra Pak Ambassador Team 
Time of Collection: Lunch Break and Short Break  
Dates of Collection: 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 20th of January  
School: BGS National Public School
On the first week of collection we had collected about 234 Tetra Paks as all of the students of our school were asked to go to their neighbourhood during their holidays and collect dry recyclables. 

On the Second week of collection parents and teachers – both helped us a lot. They were impressed by our presentation held at P.T.M and told that they would educate their neighbours and friends. Some parents also called us to come to their colonies and sensitize people there and that week was the waste collection week, so we got some more Tetra Paks. At the end of the second week we were able to collect 250 Tetra Paks.

In the 3rd week of collection we had organised a scavenger hunt week where each class were given a specific type of waste to collect from their neighbourhood and take photos when they are doing it for proof. 2 students from each class would share their experience and urge the others also to collect them. It was a successful session.  5th and 11th standards had to collect Tetra Paks. 

During the last week, we conducted a session in Republic Day where all students, teachers, parents and other dignitaries were present. It was a successful session and had a great impact on all of them. When we counted the number of Tetra Paks we found that we had managed to collect 620 Tetra Paks. All the team members were very happy to know about it. We also observed that during this month collection many students were finding it interesting. 

We are very happy to see the development in our school students as well as their parents for recycling our resources and contributing towards our earth saving project. We are also very happy to see all the cleaning staff members’ contribution towards Tetra Pak Collection and recycling. It is because of them we were able to finish our work fast as well as clean it properly. When we were cleaning before we took a lot of time to finish and this time we learnt from our own cleaning staff about cleaning Tetra Paks. Without them this activity would have been impossible. So, this month’s collection is 620. 


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