Tuesday 24 March 2015

Assembly Session - 9

Assembly Session - 9
By: Sambhrami Patil
    Time: 9:00 am
    Date: 20.03.15
  Venue: Play Ground
   School: BGS National Public School

Sambhrami had conducted an assembly session on 20.03.15 for students of class I to XII. She covered the following points:
  • Layers of Tetra Pak:                                                                1. Polyethelene: is to protect package from moisture and seals all the corners.                                                                       2. Paper: for strength and stability                                          3.Polyethelene: acts as an adhesion layer                                4. Aluminium: prevents entry of light and oxygen                        5. Polyethelene: acts as an adhesion layer                                6.Polyethelene: seals and protects the product.
  • Principle of 4Rs:                                                                     Refuse                                                                                      Reduce                                                                                     Reuse                                                                                       Recycle
Since it was the last day of school we had recognised some students who had participated actively and have put their heart and soul for Project SEARCH activities. So we honoured them with a small token of appreciation.
  • Nakshatra of Class VII – She had participated in Scavenger Hunt activity. Out of all other Scavengers of the activity she was the one who put her heart and soul for this activity. She brought out the true potential of this activity.
  • Lakshmi of Class XII – She is self – motivated to work for our nature and all the time she has been with us for all Project SEARCH sessions.
  • Kavya of Class VII, Sahanya, Divya and Sowparnika of Class VIII, and Nishanth of C lass XII – They were also one of them who was there with us in conducting sessions as well as collection and segregation of dry recyclables.
  • Anwesha and Aditi – They have written, composed and sung many songs for 2 consecutive years – 2013-14, 2014-15.
  • Divith, Gagan, Ashwin.S, Rohith, Inchara and Nischala – They were also there with us for collecting, cleaning and packing Tetra Paks.
  • Trash Pizza Activity – Class III B, Class IV D, Class V H
  • Mangalam, Henel, Shreya and Suchi - Class VII - They were regularly visiting TRASH Pizza classes and the way they presented their reports were excellent. 

We were happy to see such good response from all....
Nakshatra receiving her token of appreciation from Principal Sir

Lakshmi receiving her token of appreciation from Principal Sir

Group Photo


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