Tuesday 24 March 2015

Session with cleaning staff - December

A session with cleaning staff
By: Sambhrami Patil
   Time: 15:00
 Date: 17.12.14
 Venue: A.V. Room
 School: BGS National Public School
A session for Cleaning Staff of the main building was conducted in the month of December. They were excited to be called for a session on environment conservation and were eager to know what they would be doing that day.  Many thought that they will be seeing a movie on conservation of resources.

We started with an introduction session. First they were asked if they know anything about tetra paks but the answer was negative. So, they were shown what a tetra pak looks like. Everyone was excited to know that these empty plastic things could be recycled. Many videos which showed the process of recycling Tetra Paks and converting it into books, bookmarks, sheets etc were shown.

So, at the end of the day they had learnt:
  • The need for us to conserve resources  
  • Importance of dustbins for collecting dry recyclables and Tetra Paks   
  • How are Tetra Paks are recycled  
  • How to open, cut and wash Tetra Pak
  • How to identify if the cartons are Tetra Pak
  • Layers of Tetra Pak


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