Tuesday 24 March 2015

Session for Cleaning Staff - 2

Session for Cleaning Staff - 2
By: Sambhrami Patil
Time: 9:45 am
 Date: 17.2.15
 Venue: A.V. Room
 School: BGS National Public School
A session for Cleaning Staff of all the three buildings was conducted. It was a one hour session. 65 – 70 members had come for the session. Since only some of them had come for the previous session, this time most of them didn't know about Tetra Pak. Some of them thought they will be seeing a movie on conservation of resources. We started with an introduction session. First Sambhrami did a quick recap of all the things which were thought in the previous class. Members who had not attended the previous class were excited to know that these empty plastic things could be recycled.
A video was shown to them which showed how Robert Swan and all Project SEARCH members are going to different areas and imparting the knowledge of recycling.

I showed them another video which showed a group of students who pledge to save electricity and their environment. They also pledge that they will teach all their elders about it and save electricity.
They watched all the videos with keen interest. Later I spoke about the importance of the bins which is kept in our school to collect Tetra Paks and dry recyclables. At the end of the day they had learnt:

  • What is a Tetra Pak? 
  • What is Tetra Pak Ambassador’s Programme?
  • How to identify a Tetra Pak through the symbols?
  • The need for us to conserve resources  
  • Importance of dustbins for collecting dry recyclables and Tetra Paks      
  • Importance of segregating dry recyclables 
  • What is Project SEARCH? 
  • How was Project SEARCH discovered by Robert Swan?
  • Principle of 4Rs
  • Layers of Tetra Pak
  • Three Pillars of Project SEARCH
  • How to cut and clean Tetra Pak?
  • How our school is collecting dry recyclables from many areas and sending it for recycling to the proper collection agencies?

We were happy to see some of the members raising questions about recycling and how can it be put to effect in some other way. They also cleared their doubts and also told discussed about some problems in the new building. After clearing all their doubts and finding solution for all the problems we took a group photo.


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