Tuesday 24 March 2015

Tetra Pak Collection - December

 Tetra Pak Collection - December
By: Tetra Pak Ambassador Team and 8-A students 
Time of Collection: Lunch Break and  Short Break
Dates of Collection: 9th, 10th, 11th,15th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd of December
School: BGS National Public School
 First a group consisting of 5 members was made. The a meeting was conducted for them where they all suggested that this month some of the students from 8-A will help us in collecting Tetra Paks. We divided them  into 2 groups. One group collected Tetra Paks whereas the other group cleaned all the Tetra Paks. On the first week of collection we had collected about 200 Tetra Paks as there was Sports Day held in the school where we had got refreshments and most of the classes had preserved their tetra pak juice cartons to give them for recycling.

On the Second week of collection we went to different places and collected tetra paks. On 19th of December we had been to a Science Fiesta and there they gave us some refreshments. So our team went to different school children and requested them to put their tetra paks in a box which we had kept in a place to take it to our school and also explained them the purpose of collecting these Tetra Paks. Many of them found this project very interesting .

 On the completion of the 2nd week we managed to collect about 300 Tetra Paks. In the 3rd week of collection we had only 2 days, and in these two days 3rd, 4th and 8th standard students had gone for a trip and we had asked all the students to collect all the dry recyclables. On the last day when we counted the number of Tetra Paks we found that we had managed to collect 550 Tetra Paks. All the team members were very happy to know about it. We also observed that during this month collection many students were finding it interesting and wanted to join the group. Many of the members are not there in the group photo as they were not present on the last day and some had gone for a dance practice.

We were also very happy to see the development in our school students for recycling our resources and contributing towards our earth saving project . So, this month’s collection is 550.


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